quinta-feira, 27 de abril de 2017


Second blog post of the week? I still can’t believe it. But here it is!
PATTERN: Self draft. I draft this pattern last November for my students so they could practice working with knits. The original pattern - I shared a sneak peak on my IG - had cuffs and a waistband so it could be totally made without a sewing machine, only using a serger. This time a made it without the cuffs and waistband because I didn’t have matching rib and I think I like it this way even better… Not only is this a fast and fun project to sew, it is also great design to play with contrasting fabrics. Plus, with the rabbit ears, it is a great success with my daughter Ines…

FABRIC: Bear,Rabbit and Heart Printed French Terry from The Sweet Mercerie. Last week I applied for a chance to sew something for my kids with a fabric from the online shop The Sweet Mercerie. I was so happy when Yvone contacted me asking if I liked this cute fabric. I showed it to my kids and Ines said a big yes! The fabric has the perfect weight for a spring sweater and, not only is the print adorable, it is also a very nice quality french terry. For a bit of contrast, I mixed it with a some black/white striped jersey from my stash.

So thank you so much The Sweet Mercerie for this wonderful fabric. It was a pleasure to sew it and Ines thinks it is a pleasure to wear it!

segunda-feira, 24 de abril de 2017


Burda Style is THE sewing magazine in Portugal. When I started sewing I bought a couple of issues and, though I liked several designs, I never got to sew any of them. Why? Because the sewing instructions where totally impenetrable. It was as if I was reading Chinese! So I put them aside and continue sewing with more friendly indy patterns…

Fast forward a couple of years and I started reading my friend Mie blogposts about her Burda Style creations and loved them so much I thought I had to give them another try. And I am so glad I did! I still can’t understand a word of the sewing instructions but the fitting of these patterns is absolutely great for my body type.

So here is my last Burda Style make!
PATTERN: Triangle Back Blouse from Burda Style Magazine 04/2016 Pattern 114. This is an easy fitting and easy to make blouse. Though from the front it looks like quite a simple blouse (I skipped the front opening), there is this really cute v-line neck opening at the back. The neckline is finished with a facing, my favorite way of finishing this kind of blouses. And there are bust darts… Oh how I feared bust darts… But, but after watching a couple of Youtube videos about it, I am ok making them now. This blouse has been in heavy rotation and I have already plans to make another one. So can this be the beginning of a new love affair?
FABRIC: Liberty Mitsi from Cousette. A couple of years ago Cousette, a lovely French online shop, was kind enough to sponsor Paris Sew Social and I got this gorgeous piece of Liberty fabric from them. Of course, I was so afraid of cutting it stayed in my stash all this time. But I am glad I waited! This fabric has the perfect drape for this pattern. Of course sewing with Liberty was a pleasure and wearing Liberty is also a pleasure…

Did you know Fashion Revolution Week just started? This is such a great movement! Check all the details about it here. And there is also a fun challenge going on, courtesy of In The Folds. Check it all here and don't forget to publish your makes with #makersforfashrev.

sexta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2017


It’s already mid-February and I finally manage to write my first blogpost of the year… I have actually been sewing quite a lot but haven’t been much into taking photos. Even my IG seems to be asleep… I feel bad about it but sometimes, especially during winter time, I can’t help myself and I feel so lazy! And then I feel bad for feeling lazy…
So want a better way to change that than blog about a pattern I am in love with?

PATTERN: Miss Marlene by Fritzi & Schnittreif (English version available atNah-Connection). I love boat neck-tees. I think they are as comfortable as regular tees but they look a lot fancier. Plus I feel like they really flattering for my body type… So when my friend Annika told me she would soon be releasing the English version of the German pattern Miss Marlene I immediately told her I would be delighted to sew it.  And I am so glad I did it! I am in love with my new boat-neck tee! It is simply perfect! The fit is spot on, the boat-neck collar looks super nice, the sleeves are long enough for my extra-long arms (though I am only 1.63cm tall, it looks like I have super long arms and almost every single long sleeve garments is too short for me!), the overall length is perfect. I am in love! (Can I say it again?) And, of course I think the little shoulder piece is perfect the perfect detail to play with…

FABRIC: Black/white striped cotton/elastane jersey from The Sweet Mercerie and camel faux suede from my local shop (Park dos Tecidos). This striped jersey has the perfect weight, stretch and drape for this pattern. Because of the wide boat neck, it feels to me it is better to use a fabric with a little bit more weight to keep the collar in place but then, because the tee is quite fitted, there is a need for some stretch and recovery. So this striped fabric had it all! Though I now think they actually look pretty nice, at the beginning I was a little bit afraid about the horizontal stripes (we all know they are supposed to make you look fatter, right?) But what I love the most about my Marlene are the shoulder pieces! I have been waiting for long time to use leather or suede on my clothes and this was the perfect opportunity. I guess I just need to cut my hair short so it doesn’t hide the shoulder details all the time.

Do you feel like sewing a Miss Marlene for you too? Well, you can get the English version of the pattern at Naeh-Connection store for a nice price until Monday. Happy Sewing!

sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2016


Do I need a fancy mini dress? Living outside of the city and having two small children I guess I don’t. But I couldn't resist Olu's challenge to be part of Made It Fashion Week...
I had to give this new Made It pattern a try and I had the perfect fabric on my stash to sew it so “no” wasn’t the right answer…
And now I have a fabulous new mini dress! (To wear from the kitchen to the living room and from the living room to the kitchen, as a good friend of mine says when she thinks about her social live after having kids…)

Anyway, today it is party time and I am rocking it! Thank you Olu for inviting me to Made It Fashion Week. It is the most glamorous party I’ve been in the past 10 years… So let’s party!!

PATTERN: Drop Dress and Top by Made it Patterns. I picked the Top version but, since I am quite short (1.65m), it works nicely as a mini dress… And I love it! The pattern pieces are truly unique but the construction is so simple. Looking at the pictures on Olu’s shop I thought it would be a more complicated pattern to sew but instead it was incredibly fast and rewarding.  Since my fabric is on the fancy side, I made a small change to the original pattern for a less casual look: I changed the neckband for a neck facing. I was a bit afraid of doing it, as I have very little experience sewing for myself, but I am really pleased with the final result.
(I might need to practice my hand stitching, as you can see on this close-up photo...)

FABRIC: Grey Rayon Rib Knit from The Sweet Mercerie. I felt in love with this fabric the moment I saw it! So I bought it… Then it arrived on the mail and I got really afraid of cutting and sewing it. It is quite a drapery and thin fabric. I knew my sewing skills might not be enough for it… But it looked so perfect for this pattern I finally gave it a try. And you know what? I am glad I did! I am really pleased with my new mini dress and I think the fabric has the perfect drape for this pattern. Plus, since the pattern is so easy to sew, it was a great way to start sewing with a more challenging fabric. I am really tented to make another one in black... And I might need one in navy blue too...
Do you also feel like a fast and easy sewing with a cool and edgy final result? Head over to Made It shop and get your Drop Dress and Top during Made It Fashion Week with 20% discount using the code "MFW2016".  And don't forget to check out Olu's blog for the links to all other participants blogposts. It is a bunch of super talented ladies in some amazingly cool tops and dresses. You will love it!

But that's not all! Made It Patterns is offering 2 yards of fabric to the 2th person who purchases a Drop Dress and Top pattern today. Go for it and good luck!

quarta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2016


My friend buddy, Sara, just had a baby and I am delighted to be part of her Virtual Web Baby Shower! It is the perfect excuse to sew something tiny... Oh! How I love sewing baby clothes!

PATTERN: Meow Meow Sweater from Ottobre Magazine 1/2105. I don't own any baby PDF patterns (as my kids were already toddlers when I started sewing) and I wanted to try something different from my "to go baby shower gift" so I browsed through my collection of Ottobre Magazines and found this sweater that looked pretty cool. I can't give you my opinion about the fitting - Ottobre never disappoints when it comes to fitting, right? - but I did enjoy sewing it. Super simple and fast project!
I made a couple of changes to the original pattern, though... Since I think pull-over clothes are not very baby friendly, I added a back closer with some plastic snaps. As Ottobre patterns don't have seam allowances that was a really easy modification to do. Beacause I was sewing with "boring" solid navy blue fabric and thought a little colorful detail was needed, I sewed a cloud appliqué at the front.


FABRIC: Navy Blue Sweatshirt Fleace from my local shop (Feira dos Tecidos) and Cloud Printed Cotton from Stof2000. Sometimes I get lucky and find little gems on my local fabric shop. This was one of those! This sweatshirt fleece is incredibly soft and warm. I just hope it is not too thick for baby wear... But, since Sara lives in the north of Portugal, where the temperatures get quite chilly in the wintertime, I think her baby boy will enjoy some warm and cozy clothes. The appliqué fabric was bought long time ago on a trip to Copenhagen. I felt in love with the print but, as usual, left it in my fabric statsh for too long as I didn't feel like cutting my precious fabric... I am glad I had the perfect excuse to do it now!

Teresa is wearing a matchy-machy navy blue sweatshirt with the same appliqué I made for her last year. The pattern is Simple Plain Sweatshirt also from Ottobre 6/2016. The sweatshirt fleace was, once again, found on my local fabric shop but it is not as soft as the one I used for Sara's baby sweater and the appliqué fabric came from Petit Pan in Paris.

Here is a list of the baby shower participants. Fallow the links for some serious baby sewing inspiration!

As it Seams
By Eva Maria
Do Guincho
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La Folie Sewing Booth
Made by Toya
Miss Castelinhos
Naeh Connection
Needle and Ted
S is for Sewing
Straight Grain

Congratulations Sara!

domingo, 9 de outubro de 2016


It’s the last day (check out the first two here and here) of the Nah-Connection Shop Opening Tour! And I am back with a mother and daughter look. I’ve been willing to do this since I’ve started sewing but, somehow, I never seemed to find the right pattern. Well, it looks like I did now…
PATTERN: Bethioua for Women and Bethioua for Kids by Elle Plus for Nah-Connection. Though this is the last pattern from Nah-Connection Shop I am blogging about, it was the first one I choose to sew. It is such a simple but special design! Plus it is super comfortable to wear and versatile to play with fabric… Perfect of everyday clothing both for me and for my kids. I do like the fitting of both tees but next time, if I am sewing with lightweight jersey, I think I will go a size down on mine. I found both patterns quite long (both sleeve and over-all length) but maybe that’s because they were design for tall German women and children while Ines and me are petit Portuguese girls. Anyway, I am sure these two tees are just the tip of the iceberg of my Bethioua sewing carrier…

FABRIC: Pretty Panda sweatshirt fleece from Poppy and solid black sweatshirt fleece from my local shop (Park dos Tecidos) for Ines’ sweat shirt. Solid black cotton knit from The Cloth House and striped cotton from my local shop (Feira dos Tecidos) for my t-shirt. Though I love Ines sweatshirt – how cool is that panda fabric we got from one of our lovely London Sew Social sponsors? – I had to try the striped sleeves version… Matching the stripes might not be super easy, but it is such a cool detail. Love it! By the way, because I wanted the stripes to be perfectly aligned, I didn’t cut my fabric on fold. Instead I used the first sleeve to cut the second one and be sure all stripes were in place. Then, when sewing, I machine basted the back seam before sewing it one my serger. It takes a little bit longer but it is worse it.

(Ines has so much energy she some times so hard to photograph... Well, at least she is not camera shy as I am...)
Well, that’s it for this week! I hope you enjoyed my Nah-Connection creations…
Don’t forget to check out Nah-Connection Shop and use the coupons Annika has made for you:
- buy1save10naehconnection (buy 1 pattern save 10%)
- buy2save20naehconnection (buy 2 patterns save 20%)
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All coupons are valid for the whole week (until Sunday midnight CET).

terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2016


As promised on Monday, here I am again with one more garment made with a German pattern –beautifully translated to English by Annika - from the just opened shop Nah-Connection. I couldn’t be more delighted to be a Nah-Connection Ambassador and be able to try all these wonderful patterns first hand. Thank you Annika!
I never know what to do with my hands when I don't have pockets...

PATTERN: Twist(it) Blouse by Schneidernmeistern for Nah-Connection. Let’s start by saying I love my new blouse though I completely screwed it while cutting my fabric… As usually, I read the instructions so “carefully” I did notice I had to add seam allowances to the pattern. Thank God I am petit – and the design is quite loose - so the blouse still fits me nicely!
The all blouse is made with only one pattern piece and it has a center seam that can be worn at the back or at the front. Clever, right? The neck line is beautifully designed and really flattering (though mine is a little bit too wide because I forgot to add seam allowances...) and the cuffs are the perfect detail to finish the sleeves. But my favorite thing about this pattern is that it is such a fast project to sew… I already have a couple of fabrics on my stash I plan to turn it Twist (it) blouses!

FABRIC: Printed rayon from my local shop (Feira dos Tecidos). I must admit I wasn’t planning to sew this blouse until I saw Jenya’s version. It was so good I couldn’t help myself and immediately printed the pattern and started sewing. The rayon is perfect for this design! Since I am quite small, more structured fabrics give a tent-like look to these loose designs but the rayon has the perfect drape. Plus it is super comfortable and it is still a (kind of) natural fiber.
By the way, have you seen the gorgeous striped Twist (it) my friend Gioia made? Because of the unique way of cutting the fabric, the stripes run in a really interesting way. So cool! I really need to find some nice striped rayon as I can’t wait to sew a striped version of this blouse.

I had bought this rayon to mach a nice pink jersey I turned into a bolero last month. I still can´t believe how perfect they look together! Matched with jeans, they are so comfortable and stylish. I can't believe I am finally sewing wearable clothes for myself...

Don’t forget to check out some really amazing creations by the super talented Nah-Connection Ambassadors on Annika’s blog. And head over to Nah-Connection Shop for some nice pattern shopping with these coupon codes:
- buy1save10naehconnection (buy 1 pattern save 10%)
- buy2save20naehconnection (buy 2 patterns save 20%)
- buy3save30naehconnection (buy 3 patterns save 30%)
All coupons are valid for the whole week (until Sunday midnight CET).